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ComVac center Air compressors and vacuum pumps. Overhaul repair of all type of screw compressors and Vacuum pumps 
ComVac център Въздушни компресори и вакуум помпи . Основен ремонт на всички Винтови компресори и Вакуум помпи

Booster Compressors


Lupamat Booster compressors provide efficiency and economy with their suction
pressure options of 7.5, 10 and 13 bars and with their air output pressure of 40
bars. With combination connection and with its continuous operation even under
the harshest of conditions. These Boosters are positioned to cover PET and food
product applications but can cover other applications in other industrial sectors.
Its compressor block is Lupamat’s own production and it has concentric suction
and delivery valves, enabling maximum efficiency and long use lifespan.
Compressor cylinders and crank shaft are cast in ductile iron material in single
pieces; therefore these parts provide easy maintenance and repair works. The
cast parts are thermal heated, stress relieved and precision machined to very
close tolerances, each part is subjected to stringent quality control tests. The unit
is prime coated; the pistons are assembled to the cylinders and onto the body. The
assembled unit is assembled on the solid chassis. Compressed air is air cooled
with a fan mounted on the flywheel. Compressor is driven by V-belt and electric
motor. Tensions of the V-belts are easily adjusted with the adjustable tensioning
system. Compressor together with its all components is assembled on the
chassis. It is protected with a cabin, which is covered with noise isolation
material. The enclosure is designed with access doors, which can be opened from
every side, to ensure easy accessibility during maintenance and repair works.