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ComVac center Air compressors and vacuum pumps. Overhaul repair of all type of screw compressors and Vacuum pumps 
ComVac център Въздушни компресори и вакуум помпи . Основен ремонт на всички Винтови компресори и Вакуум помпи

CF series Line Filters


CF filters are designed for
protection of the downstream
compressed air system with
pressure up to 20 bar against
defects and other failures.
They ensure high efficient
removal of solid particles,
water, oil aerosols,
hydrocarbons, odour and
vapours from compressed
air systems. For any other
technical gas please contact
producer or your local
Required compressed air
quality according to standard
ISO 8571-1 can be achieved
with 6 different grades of filter
elements (B, P, R, M, S and A).
Optional internal and external
condensate drains should be
used for efficient condensate
draining from filter housing.