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ComVac center Air compressors and vacuum pumps. Overhaul repair of all type of screw compressors and Vacuum pumps 
ComVac център Въздушни компресори и вакуум помпи . Основен ремонт на всички Винтови компресори и Вакуум помпи

LYPS- Type Oil-free Reciprocating Air Compressors


Oil free, high pressure, high flow-rate, multi-staged,
sliding slots, water cooling, and V-Type reciprocating
air compressor.

As a result of long R&D studies, Lupamat developed a first in in Turkey. The oil free, high pressure, high flow rate, multi-staged, water cooling,
reciprocating air compressor. The materials are in accordance with the CE-Regulations and Standards. In general, this type of compressors is
used mostly in PET bottle productions. This design is designed and manufactured not only for PET bottle production, but also to meet the
requirements of all of other sectors, where oil free and uninterrupted compressed air is used. These compressors can be custom designed to
suit specific customer requirements and applications.