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ComVac center Air compressors and vacuum pumps. Overhaul repair of all type of screw compressors and Vacuum pumps 
ComVac център Въздушни компресори и вакуум помпи . Основен ремонт на всички Винтови компресори и Вакуум помпи

Oil-free Scroll Compressors


Scroll compressors are developed by the cooperation between Japan Anest Iwata Company and Lupamat and these compressors are 100% oil free, very
quiet, efficient and reliable. Scroll compressors with integrated drier supplies dry quality air are ideal for the dentistry and medical sectors. Scroll
compressor, which is a product of good and reliable technology, is mounted on a chassis assembled and closed with a single part cover to ensure noise
insulation way. The unit is equipped with tank top insulation cabin protection and can be easily operated in laboratories and dentist clinics, as it operates
noiseless and vibration free. Compressor’s main parts consist of two scrolls which rotate as a pair squeezing the air and generating pressure. The
maximum capacity for the scrolls is around 8 x 808 = 6464 lt/Min. This is achieved with a multi Scroll configuration mounted in a single enclosure (Engine
power 8 x 7.5 kW = 60 kW). The capacity range is between 808 and 6464 lt/Min.