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ComVac center Air compressors and vacuum pumps. Overhaul repair of all type of screw compressors and Vacuum pumps 
ComVac център Въздушни компресори и вакуум помпи . Основен ремонт на всички Винтови компресори и Вакуум помпи

Reciprocating Air Compressors


These compressors of low rpm have and effective cooling and lubrication
system and are manufactured for industrial use by Lupamat, using top
quality and most proper materials to provide superb performance and
long use lifespan. With these features, Lupamat provides you efficiency
and economy, besides problem free operation.
Lupamat’s every part from A to Z are subjected to a stringent quality
control system. Before leaving the plant, the factory places each
compressor to a 4 hours functional test under unloaded condition and for
4 hours under loaded condition. Air tanks are subjected to hydraulic
pressure tests under a pressure of 1, 5 times higher than its rated
working pressure rate and ensure that the unit can operate at its
maximum pressure safely. Lupamat experience since 1968 in this field
and our sales and after sales organizations in Turkey and abroad
countries make Lupamat a reliable worldwide player in this sector.

As a result of the cooperation between Japan Anest Iwata company and Lupamat, Lupamat’s oil free and air cooled Reciprocating
Air Compressors are launched as a new product and especially suitable for the sectors, in which it is necessary to work with oil free
air, such as dentistry clinics, hospitals, electronic parts production facilities, food, textile and in many other sectors.